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As System Integration and software solution company, S:O:L:U:N:E:T was aimed to become a total Information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and services provider.



We have a strategic alliance and value added services providers with many of the most influential global technology players in the information technology and telecommunication industries.

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Company Philosophy and Approach

The evolution of network computing, software and data/voice communications technologies is advancing faster than ever before, with a growing emphasis on open systems and industry standards to facilitate integration, productivity, and workgroup collaboration at all levels of an organization’s business operations; large or small. The challenge is determining which technologies and product solutions best address a particular organization’s business requirements in a manner that can be cost justified.

Understanding the challenge it’s clients face, S:O:L:U:N:E:T‘s business philosophy is based on fulfilling this need and challenge while cost effectively providing the appropriate technology and solutions to match a business organizations networking and communications requirements. Accordingly, S:O:L:U:N:E:T has long utilized a consultative, value-based sales approach, which emphasizes the proper identification and verification of actual business requirements, before determining the most appropriate technology solution to recommend implementing to address those requirements.


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