Solunet sdn bhd
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Established in Jan 1999 as Syste

Established in Jan 1999 as System Integration and software solution, S:O:L:U:N:E:T was aimed to become a total Information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and services provider. It has since then been delivering IT solutions and services to enterprise in the commercial, government sectors as well as telcos focusing primarily is on supplying and implementing Business Communication Systems, computer systems, peripherals, software, communication and networking products. Hence in year 2004, S:O:L:U:N:E:T has evolved more than a technology company by forming Rectro Sdn Bhd and CSE Distribution as a group Business. Bringing a comprehensive voice, data network solution, call centre and services to its customers.

S:O:L:U:N:E:T is continually expanding its expertise and skill-sets to address evolving software solution, network computing, data communications technologies and Call centres (outsourcing) to support clients' growing business requirements. While some companies focus on a
singular aspect or pieces of business communications and networking technology, S:O:L:U:N:E:T continues to evolve its expertise to encompass and master the merging technologies essential to the success of business organizations today. S:O:L:U:N:E:T is committed to providing business organizations with the strategic business communications, call centre and networking technologies necessary for their success today and into the future.

Company Philosophy and Approach
The evolution of network computing, software and data/voice communications technologies is advancing faster than ever before, with a growing emphasis on open systems and industry standards to facilitate integration, productivity, and workgroup collaboration at all levels of an organization's business operations; large or small. The challenge is determining which technologies and product solutions best address a particular organization's business requirements in a manner that can be cost justified.

Understanding the challenge it's clients face, S:O:L:U:N:E:T's business philosophy is based on fulfilling this need and challenge while cost effectively providing the appropriate technology and solutions to match a business organizations networking and communications requirements. Accordingly, S:O:L:U:N:E:T has long utilized a consultative, value-based sales approach, which emphasizes the proper identification and verification of actual business requirements, before determining the most appropriate technology solution to recommend implementing to address those requirements.

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